What is the Minimum Wage in England 2023

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What is the minimum wage in England? The subject of minimum wage in England is one of the most frequently researched topics. If you are doing research on what is the national minimum wage in England, this topic will be a guide for you. In the continuation of our article, you can find information about the average hourly and daily minimum wage amounts for the UK.

İs there a minimum wage in England?

As in every country, minimum wage is determined for hourly, daily and monthly work in England. Before answering the question of what’s minimum wage in England, I would like to briefly talk about the employment rates in the UK by sector.

The UK is among the strongest economies in the European continent. England, which maintained its economic power after leaving the European Union, is also among the important countries that started the industrial revolution. Therefore, most of the workers are in the industrial sector. While 40% of the total number of employees work in the industry sector, 5% of them work in the agricultural sector. One of the main reasons for the low number of workers in agriculture is that their lands are not suitable for agricultural activities.

How much is the minimum wage in England?

Let’s come to the answer to the question of what’s the minimum wage in England, which is our main topic. The answer to the question how much is minimum wage in England varies according to the age range. The minimum wage for workers over the age of 23 in the UK is set at 9.50 euros per hour. For employees aged 18-20, the minimum wage is determined as 6.83 euros. The UK minimum wage table by age range is as follows;

Ages 16-17 5 Euros
Ages 17-20 6,9 Euros
Ages 20-22 9,20 Euros
Ages 23 and Over 9,50 Euros

What is minimum wage in England in us dollars?

The minimum wage in England in dollars is;

  • About $7 minimum wage per hour in England for 18-20 year old.
  • It’s about $9.80 for those 23 and older.

Number of minimum wage workers in the UK

Above, we tried to answer the question of what is the minimum wage in England per hour. Let’s talk about how many people work for minimum wage in England. The population of England is approximately 56 million as of 2023. According to the latest data, the number of minimum wage workers in the UK is around 2 million.

Living on Minimum Wage in the UK

It is very difficult to live on minimum wage in England compared to other European countries. Because the cost of living in the UK is high. Although the country’s currency, the pound, is valuable against other currencies, real estate prices in the country are very high. In the UK, a minimum wage worker does not have the opportunity to take a vacation. Food prices are also quite high.

UK minimum wage monthly 2023

According to the “Minimum wage 2023 England” table, the net minimum wage in the UK is approximately £1536 per month.

Average monthly expenses in the UK are as follows;

  • House rents: £1700 on average,
  • The tax paid to the municipality is £255,
  • Goods insurance £15,
  • Electricity £70,
  • Water expense £50,
  • Market expenses average £400,
  • Internet expenses average £50,
  • Telephone expenses average £80.

UK minimum wage after tax

When we look at living wage england 2023 data, the net minimum wage in the UK after all taxes are deducted is approximately £1544 per month, £356 per week and around £18000 per year.

I tried to give information about “minimum wage england 2023“. If you have a question or opinion about “england minimum wage 2023”, you can send it in the comment section. 

Minimum Wage in London

The minimum wage amounts applied in London are the same as the amounts in the table mentioned under the heading England minimum wage monthly 2023 above. The minimum minimum wage to be paid to employees in London varies according to age range.

UK minimum wage yearly

Workers in England and the United Kingdom have the lowest annual incomes, on average, between £18500-20000.

What will the minimum wage be in 2023 UK?

In the UK, as in other European countries, inflation is a little high in 2023. Therefore, starting from 01.01.2023, England/London minimum wage amounts can be updated. We expect the net minimum wage to be around £1600 for 2023.

How much is 40 hours a week minimum wage UK?

According to national minimum wage 2023 london data, the minimum wage to be paid for 40 hours of work in England is around 350-360 pounds.

Is it illegal to pay under minimum wage UK?

The lowest wages to be paid to employees in England are determined by law. Employers cannot pay wages below the minimum wage determined by the Law. Penal action is taken against employers who are determined to pay less than the minimum wage.

What is the minimum salary in UK per hour

The minimum hourly wage in the UK depends on the age range. For those aged 16-17, the minimum wage is 5 euros per hour, while those over 23 are 9.5 euros per hour.

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