Switzerland Minimum Wage 2023

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What is the minimum wage in Switzerland?

Switzerland minimum wage is one of the most searched topics on the internet regarding wages. Switzerland is among the most developed countries in both Europe and the world. High per capita income, high level of welfare and education quality, and being one of the strongest economies in the world can be counted as prominent features for Switzerland. In this content, I prepared a guide on the subject of “minimum wage Switzerland“. You can also find information about “Switzerland average income” in our content.

What is the minimum wage in Switzerland?

Switzerland minimum wage varies by province. Although there is not much difference, there are different practices for the hourly minimum wage in different cities in Switzerland. The average hourly wage is 23 Swiss francs for 2023, while the monthly minimum wage is around 4000 francs on average. In the table below, Swiss minimum wage amounts are shared on an hourly, daily and monthly basis.

Switzerland minimum wage per a hour 20-23 Swiss francs
Switzerland minimum wage per a mounth 3900-4100 Swiss francs

Switzerland minimum wage in usd

The subject of average salary in Switzerland in us dollars is a subject that is especially curious and researched by those living outside of Switzerland. The average monthly minimum wage in dollars in Switzerland is 4070 dollars according to current exchange rates.

Average salary in Switzerland 2023

Average income in Switzerland differs by occupation. According to the latest data, the Swiss average salary is around 5000 Swiss francs per month. While teachers’ salaries are on average 8000-10000 francs, engineer salaries are in the range of 10.000-15,000 francs. Although the salaries of doctors in Switzerland differ according to the place of work, the average is 20,000-25,000 Swiss francs.

Lowest paying jobs in Switzerland

Median income Switzerland is about 7000-8000 swiss francs. As I mentioned above, the minimum wage in Switzerland is around 4000 francs. This wage group, which is the lowest wage, usually includes restaurant employees, cleaners, drivers and couriers. In addition, some factories also pay their workers minimum wage.

Highest paying jobs in Switzerland

When we analyze the data on “average salary Switzerland“, the people in the highest income group in Switzerland as in other countries are;

  • Doctors,
  • Dentists,
  • Software engineers,

Average salary in Zurich

In terms of Switzerland salary, we can say that the highest income group is those living in Zürich. Zürich, one of the biggest and valuable cities of Switzerland, is also a very expensive city. The fact that it is expensive means that not every income group can live here. For a good life in Zürich, your monthly income should be at least 7000-8000 Swiss francs on average.The minimum wage in Zürich averages 4000 francs per month. The average monthly income in Zürich is around 7000-8000 francs.

How much do dentists make in Switzerland?

Dentists in Switzerland are among the high-income group. When we look at the “Average income Switzerland” data, we can say that the average monthly net income of dentists in Switzerland is between 20,000-.25,000 francs.

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