Surveys for Money: The Best Paid Surveys Sites

Daniel Alexandra

Online surveys for money

Surveys for money is popular among online money making methods. Making money with surveys is among the trending jobs of recent times. If you are looking for get paid to take surveys, you are at the right place. In this article, I will share with you the best websites where you can find “survey for money“.

How to get free money?

How to get free money? This question actually has many answers. If you have free time, you can earn additional income with many additional jobs.

  • You can earn money by watching ads,
  • You can earn money by writing articles,
  • You can earn money by watching videos,
  • And as I will explain in this article, you can earn money with money surveys.

Online surveys for money

There are a lot of survey companies. However, very few websites offer reliable take surveys for money. In this content, I will share with you the websites that offer reliable “surveys for cash”. All of the websites that I have listed and that provide you with “money for surveys” are safe. You can easily become a member of all of them and start earning money. Let’s start.

1-Swagbucks surveys

It is one of the most popular money making sites that comes to mind when it comes to online survey for money. Swagbucks offers you the opportunity to earn with “survey money”. In addition to earning money with “surveys that share” in Swagbucks, you can earn money by completing many more tasks.

Swagbucks, which has many members all over the world, awards thousands of dollars every day. You can also earn money by performing tasks such as making money by watching ads or videos on the site, making money by shopping, making money by searching the internet.

The prominent features of the Swagbucks site, where you can find surveys to make money, are as follows;

  • You can get the rewards you have won on the site as a gift certificate or in cash.
  • You can earn an average of 30-150 SB for each completed survey. SB is their own currency. 100 SB is one dollar.
  • You can earn 6-7 dollars for 1 hour for survey on the site.

If you are looking for a reliable website for paid online surveys, I think Swagbucks is the best. The site does not only offer the “get paid for surveys” feature. It allows you to earn money with many more tasks. By downloading the application from Google Play Store or Appstore, you can become a member and start earning immediately.

You can download the application for your Android operating system phones here: download Swagbucks for android.
You can download the application for your phones with iOS operating system from here: download Swagbucks for ios.


Our second best website for paid surveys online is Toluna. In my opinion, Toluna is the best practice after Swagbucks for “online surveys that share”. You can receive the rewards you have earned in Toluna in cash or as a gift certificate. If you have a Paypal account, you can withdraw your payments in cash to your Paypal account. You can also use the rewards for shopping on Amazon or other E-Commerce sites with which the Toluna application has a contract.

You earn an average of 1200-50000 points for each survey you complete in the Toluna application, which offers you “best surveys for money“. For £15 you need to earn around 85000 points. You need to earn at least 27000 points to complete the payment threshold. The average time to complete a survey in the Toluna app is 15 minutes. You need to spend an average of 4 hours to dig 14 pounds. 

3-Branded Surveys

Another best site for “surveys that share cash instantly” is Branded Surveys. In this application, the reward you will receive for each survey varies according to the company offering the survey and its length. In order to withdraw your rewards to your account, you must pass the $10 payment threshold. It is among the most reliable sites for “survey online”. Reference system is also applied on the site. Some of the earnings of your friends who become members with your reference are transferred to your account.


Lifepoints ranks 4th on our survey websites list. Lifepoints is a site formed by the combination of Mysurvey and Globaltestmarket sites, which previously offered survey and monetization services. You can withdraw your payments to your Paypal account when you cross the threshold. If you do not have a Paypal account, you can use the gift voucher you receive from the site for your purchases on Amazon or other e-commerce sites. On the Lifepoints site, you need to spend an average of 15 minutes for each survey. The reward for each survey is 100 points. 100 points is about 5 pounds. The payout threshold is £5. Once you pass this threshold, you can withdraw your payments.


İ-Say site ranks 5th in our best survey sites list. The prominent feature of İ-say company is that it works with brands such as Nike and Adidas that are known all over the world. For this reason, it is a very reliable and legal survey site. İ-Say pays approximately 1 pound for each successfully completed survey. Once you pass the £10 payment threshold, you can receive your payment in cash or a gift card.

6-Opinion outspot

Opinion outspot application is at the 6th place of our best survey apps list. The payment threshold is very low. It also includes more fun surveys than other survey sites and surveys take less time. The payout threshold is 2.5 pounds.

7-Valued opinions

Valued opinions site is at the last of the sites that offer legit surveys for money. In Valued Opinions, which are among the reliable survey sites, each survey takes an average of 10-30 minutes. The amount paid per survey ranges from 1-5 pounds. Once you’ve completed the £10 payment threshold, you can transfer your payments to your account.


ySense is among the popular task sites where you can earn money with online surveys and many tasks. After completing the verification process as a member of the site, you can start earning additional income by completing surveys and other tasks.

İs branded surveys legit?

I shared with you the best websites that offer high paying surveys in this content. Surveys are legal and survey sites obtain legal permission to conduct these surveys. For this reason, the money you earn with “cash surveys” is also legal and you can easily transfer it to your account.

Which survey apps pay the most?

Above, I shared with you the list of websites that offer make money taking surveys. Based on my own experience, I can easily say this: The most profitable survey sites are Swagbucks and Toluna.

How do paid survey sites work?

First, you complete the verification process by becoming a member of the survey site. Then you answer the questionnaires that come to you and send them for approval. The reward amount is reflected in your account for each survey you answered and successfully completed. When the money/reward accumulated in your account reaches the threshold, you can transfer your payment to your bank account.

Are Paid Survey Sites Legitimate?

All of the survey sites we share are legal sites. Apart from these, there are sites that are illegal and conduct surveys without government permission. I suggest you pay attention to these.

Are there actually surveys that pay you?

Most reliable survey companies make payments on time. When you reach the payment threshold by completing the surveys, you can transfer them to your bank account. When I was a student, I received payments from reliable survey companies many times.

Are online surveys safe?

Most Branded Surveys firms are not secure. Therefore, you should research well. I tried to share with you the safe ones and the ones I tested myself. But still, do your own research about questionnaire for money sites.

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