Seo news and algorithm developments are in this category. SEO consists of two parts, on-page seo and of-page seo. In this category, we share information about search engine optimization in order to rank higher in google and other search engines.

On-Page Seo

We will provide information on topics such as H Tag settings, wordpress optimization and plugin settings, keyword analysis, google news registration processes on on-page seo.

Of-Page Seo

In the Of Page seo section, information will be given about how to get backlinks and how to make forum promotions.

What is a backlink in seo?

What is a Backlink & Dofollow-Nofollow

Daniel Alexandra

A backlink is a link from one website to another website. This link is located on a page of the ...

What is 403 forbidden error

What Does 403 Forbidden Mean & One Click Solve

Daniel Alexandra

Today, with the widespread use of the Internet, many websites have become accessible to users. Sometimes, however, access restrictions may ...

Seo expert salary

Seo Specialist Salary in US 2023

Daniel Alexandra

Seo specialist salary info is here. With the increase in e-commerce volume, the need for SEO experts is increasing day ...

What is a com surrogate

What is Com Surrogate & High Cpu Error Fix

Daniel Alexandra

What is Com Surrogate? The com surrogate process is one of the most difficult and researched issues for Windows 10 ...

What free backlinks sites

Free Seo Backlinks List 2023 &+700 Backlinks

Daniel Alexandra

Free seo backlinks list is a list where you can get backlinks to your website without paying any fee. Although ...

What is a digital marketer?

What is Digital Marketing?

Daniel Alexandra

What is digital marketing? As the name suggests, digital marketing is the name given to the methods of marketing products or ...

How to write seo content

How to Become an Seo Content Writer 2023

Daniel Alexandra

How to become an seo content writer? Content is one of the most important criteria in order to rise in ...

What is backlink audit

How to Do a Backlink Audit & İn 20 Minutes

Daniel Alexandra

How to do a backlink audit? Links to our page from other websites are called backlinks. Previously, in our article ...

How to Get Backlinks From Wikipedia?

Daniel Alexandra

How to get backlinks from Wikipedia? In this article, we will provide information about how you can get a Wikipedia ...

Adsense pin tracking

How to Track Google Adsense Pin?

Daniel Alexandra

How to track google adsense pin? Google adsense is among the most used applications in the world to earn money ...

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