Seo Specialist Salary in US 2023

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Seo expert salary

Seo specialist salary info is here. With the increase in e-commerce volume, the need for SEO experts is increasing day by day. Corporate companies employ search engine optimization specialists to increase the traffic of their websites, increase their online sales turnover and reach more people. In this case, seo salary research is done. In this article, information about seo specialist and marketing specialist average salary will be given.

What is an seo specialist?

What is an seo specialist? All of the work done for a website to rise in search engines is called SEO. People who do this job are called seo experts. The works of an seo expert to increase the traffic of the website are as follows;

  • The SEO expert primarily performs site analysis. If there are deficiencies about the technical part of the site, namely on-page seo, it detects them and ensures that the errors are corrected.
  • Then it moves to the off-page seo part. One of the most important parts for SEO is Off-page SEO, which also includes competitor analysis.
  • A seo expert should be able to do competitor analysis well and have a command of seo tools for this.
  • SEO expert, does social media work. It tries to increase the awareness of the company and the website by using social media advertising.
  • It works on increasing sales by optimizing Google Ads ads.
  • It does backlink work for organic traffic.

Seo expert salary

Seo specialist salary varies from firm to firm and the experience of the seo specialist. Average SEO salary in US are around $4000-5000 per month in America for 2023. Of course, SEO specialist salaries vary by state. In addition, SEO experts who have their own company get pay per job to be done. SEO specialists who have their own firm do not work on a SEO manager salary. Marketing agent salary table is shared below.

Seo specialist salary per year53000 dollars
Seo specialist salary per month4500 dollars
SEO Specialist salary per hour30 dollars

SEO freelancer salary

SEO professionals working as freelancers usually receive a flat monthly wage or salary per job they do. Therefore, it is difficult to specify a fixed monthly income amount. There are seo experts who earn $ 5000 a month, and those who earn $ 10,000. It all depends on the experience of the seo expert and how good he is at his job.

Marketing specialist salary

The salary of marketing specialists working in companies with a fixed salary also varies according to the experience of the specialist and from company to company. While the average monthly salary paid to e-commerce specialists for 2023 is around 3000-4000 dollars, annual salaries vary between 50,000-0.55,000 dollars.

Web designer salary in US

Web designers usually work as freelancers. They are usually paid per website they make and for the technical support they provide. While their average monthly income is in the range of 3000-4000 dollars, their annual salary is around 50000 dollars.

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