Norway Minimum Wage 2023 & High Salaries

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Minimal wage in Norway

Norway minimum wage is one of the most researched topics especially for those living outside Norway. If you are looking for the answer to the question of what is the minimum wage in Norway, this content will be an up-to-date guide for you. In the continuation of the content, up-to-date information will be given on both “minimal wage Norway” and “average salary Norway”.

Does Norway have a minimum wage?

Does Norway have a minimum wage? The answer to this question would be no. There is no minimum wage set by the government in Norway. The lowest salaries to be paid to employees are determined by collective bargaining agreements signed between unions and employers. Norway is one of the 10 European countries that do not have a minimum wage.

Minimal wage in Norway

As I explained above, there is no minimum wage of Norway. Norway average income is determined by contracts between employers and unions. Although there is no “minimum wage norway” application, I would like to give information about the lowest wages. The subject of “norway salary average” is determined according to the sectors in the sub-title that follows the content. In the table “norway average salary” you can find information about average salaries paid in all sectors.

Average salary in Norway

The table of Average salary in Norway is given below by occupation. Average salaries are shown in this table.

Norway lowest monthly wage per a mounth 35.000 kr
Minimum wage in norway in usd 3.100 dollars
Average salary 50000 kr

The lowest average monthly salary paid to unskilled workers in Norway is 35000-40000 Norwegian kroner per month, as can be seen from the table above. While the average monthly income is 50000 NOK, the average monthly earnings of those working in qualified professions such as managers, engineers, doctors are around 100000 NOK.

Norway minimum wage Usd

There is no minimum wage in Norway. However, the lowest monthly salary paid to workers by collective bargaining agreement is 35,000 Norwegian kroner on average. In terms of dollars, the minimum monthly average is around 3000 dollars, while the average is in the range of 5000-5500 dollars.

Minimum wage Oslo

Oslo is one of Norway’s largest cities and is also the capital. Oslo is densely populated and has higher living costs than rural areas. For this reason, the monthly income of those living in Oslo is higher than in rural areas. There is no minimum wage applied in Oslo. However, the average monthly wages determined under the collective bargaining agreement are at least 40000 Norwegian kroner. The average is 55000-60000 Norwegian crowns.

Norway minimum wage euro

According to current exchange rates, average monthly salaries in euros in Norway are between 2900-3300 euros. These amounts are the lowest average salaries.

Brief information about Norway

Norway is one of the member states of the European Union. In Norway, which is one of the economically developed countries, the welfare level of the people is quite high. Its borders are Finland, Russia and Sweden. Located in Northern Europe, Norway is a small but very beautiful country. The main livelihoods are fish, oil and gas.Norway’s population is below the average for most European countries. The population is about 5.5 million. Unemployment rate is between 4-6% on average.

How much is the minimum wage in Norway?

In Norway, there is no minimum wage. The wages to be paid to the workers in Norway are determined by the collective agreement between the unions and the workers’ representatives. The lowest monthly salary in Norway in 2023 averages 35,000 Norwegian kroner.

How much does Norway pay per hour?

In Norway there may be different practices as salaries are set by trade unions. Hourly wages vary by industry. Average hourly wages range from $18-$21.

What is average salary in Norway?

Average monthly salaries in Norway are in the range of 3000-4000 dollars. Someone with an average salary of $4000 can live comfortably in Norway.

Is Norway cheap to live?

Norway is an expensive country. For a good life in Norway, your minimum monthly income should be at least 4000-5000 dollars. Rents are quite high, especially in metropolitan areas.

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