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Average salary in Thailand

Minimum wage Thailand is among the most researched topics about minimum wages of countries. We continue to share about average income 2023 on our website. In today’s content, I will try to give information about the average thailand salary. If you are searching for Thailand average income, you can find the most accurate information on our page.

Minimum wage in Thailand

Thailand minimum wage currently ranges from 313-336 Thai baht per day in 2023. According to this account, the median income thailand for minimum wage workers is between $8-9 per day. The average monthly minimum wage is THB 15405. The average Thai salary table for minimum wage workers is shared below.

  Per a month Per a Day
Minimum wage Thailand 15405 THB 336 THB
Minimum wage Thailand us dollars 406,22 dollars 8,86 dollars

Average salary in Thailand 2023

Average income in Thailand table is shared above for minimum wage workers. Thailand salary average differs according to many criteria. An average salary is determined by the job, workplace, certificates and many criteria. Below is some information about the thailand salary average for some professions.

Teacher salaries in Thailand 25.718.03 TBH
Doctor salaries in Thailand 28.000.00 TBH
Engineer salaries in Thailand 26.000.00 TBH

İnformations about Thailand

After giving information about average salary Thailand, I would like to give some information about Thailand both in working life and in other areas.

  • Thailand is a country located in Southeast Asia.
  • It borders Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Laos.
  • There are many tourist centers. Thousands of tourists visit the country every year.
  • The population of the country is approximately 70 million. According to the latest data, the unemployment rate in the country is between 2-3%.
  • The number of immigrants in the country is also quite high. According to the latest data, the average number of people working with immigrants is 38 million.

In this content, I tried to give information about the subject of average wage in Thailand. If you have a question about average thailand wage, you can ask in the comment section. Below I have shared links to articles on average income and minimum wage amounts for some countries. These articles may also be interested in;

How much minimum wage in Thailand 2023

The minimum wage in Thailand for 2023 is approximately $406 per month.

What is a living wage in Thailand?

Thailand minimum wage is around $406 for 2023. For a good life in Thailand, your monthly minimum income should be between 1000-1500 dollars.

How much does a Thai person make a month?

The average income of an employee in Thailand is between $410-450. Teacher salaries average around $1000, while doctor salaries average around $1500-2000.

How much does it cost to live in Thailand per month?

The average family’s monthly expenses in Thailand are at least 600-900 dollars. Therefore, in order for a family to make a living, the Thailand minimum wage monthly required to enter the house must be more than the minimum wage.

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