Minimum Wage in Turkey 2023 & 54.66% Increase

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What's the minimum wage in Turkey?

Minimum wage in Turkey is one of the most sought after topics of recent times. There has been a great increase in inflation rates in Turkey recently. For this reason, corrections were made on “Minimum wage Turkey” in 2023. In the continuation of our article, information will be given about what is the minimum wage in Turkey and increasing living costs in Turkey.

What’s the minimum wage in Turkey?

First of all, let’s start with the answer to the question of how much is minimum wage in Turkey. The number of minimum wage workers in Turkey has approached 14 million according to the latest data of the Statistical Institute. minimum wage of Turkey, which directly affects 14 million people, is unfortunately very low compared to European countries.

  • The current minimum wage in Turkey is 8.506,00 Turkish liras.
  • Minimum wage per hour in Turkey: 37,80 TL.

Turkey minimum wage per hour 2023

Another question to be answered in this regard is Turkey hourly minimum wage. Currently, the hourly wage of the minimum wage worker in Turkey is 37,80 TL. A minimum wage worker who works an average of 7.5 hours a day can receive a wage of approximately 283,53 TL for 1 day’s work in Turkey.

Turkey minimum wage in dollars

The minimum wage in Turkey in dollars is currently 306 dollars. Since the exchange rate in Turkey is constantly changing, the minimum wage in Turkey is constantly decreasing in dollar terms. For this reason, by looking at the current exchange rates, you can find out how many dollars the minimum wage is in Turkey.

Minimum wage in Turkey for foreigners

As we mentioned above in the section what is the minimum wage in Turkey per hour, the minimum wage in Turkey is 37,80 Turkish lira per hour and 8.506,06 Turkish lira per month. Especially foreigners who want to work in Turkey are looking for the answer to the question of how much is the minimum wage in turkey.

The minimum hourly wage in turkey is also currently 37,80 Turkish liras for foreigners. The minimum wage for foreigners in Turkey is not regulated separately by law. However, the net salaries of foreign nationals cannot be below the minimum wage and the number of insurance premium days cannot be reported less than 30 days.

Minimum wage in İstanbul Turkey

Istanbul is one of the most populated cities in Turkey with the highest cost of living. Therefore, it is almost impossible to live on minimum wage in this city. There is no different minimum wage application in Istanbul, and the currently paid amounts are as we explained above. However, due to the high cost of living in Istanbul, employees are generally paid 10-15% above the minimum wage.

What is average salary in Turkey?

The current minimum wage in Turkey is 8506,00 TL. The average monthly salary of an unqualified staff varies between 9000-10000 Turkish liras. The average salary of a teacher is 15.000-18000 Turkish lira, and the average salary of a doctor is 30.000-40.000 Turkish lira.

Average software engineer salary in Turkey

Salaries paid to software engineers in Turkey differ according to experience and workplace. While the lowest salaries are around 12.000 Turkish lira on average, there are also software engineers who earn between 30000-40000 Turkish liras per month.

What is Turkey’s minimum wage 2023

The current minimum wage in Turkey is about $455,50 ( 429,89 euros)

What’s the lowest salary in Turkey?

The lowest wage in Turkey is the minimum wage. The minimum monthly salary is 8506,00 Turkish lira. The average salary of the employees is between 8500-10000 TL. Average teachers’ salaries are 15000 Turkish liras and doctors’ salaries are 25000-30000 Turkish liras.

What is the average Turkish wage?

Almost 40% of workers in Turkey are on minimum wage. This means that the majority of them receive a salary of 8506,00 Turkish lira for 2023. Average monthly income is 8500-10000 Turkish lira.

How much is Labour salary in Turkey?

For those whose wages are calculated according to the minimum wage, the average monthly income is 8506-9000 Turkish liras. Generally, businesses pay 20-25% more than the minimum wage. Average monthly salaries in Turkey are 10.000-11.000 Turkish liras.

How much minimum salary in Turkey?

The minimum wage in Turkey will increase as of 01 January 2023. Accordingly, Turkey/Istanbul average salary will be between 8500-9000 TL for 2023.Turkish minimum wage per hour for 2023 will be 37.80 TL.

Is Turkey cheap to live?

The average income of turkey is low compared to many European countries. Turkey is actually the cheapest country in Europe. You can live a comfortable life in Turkey with a good salary.

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