Minimum Wage in Sweden 2023

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What is the minimum wage in Sweden

Minimum wage in Sweden is one of the trending topics of recent times. For Sweden, one of the important countries of the European continent, the most frequently asked question by those who want to live in this country is: how much is minimum wage in Sweden. If you are looking for the answer to the question of how much is the minimum wage in Sweden, then you are at the right place.

Sweden is a highly developed country. For this reason, the ratio of the number of minimum wage employees to the total number of employees is low. Now let’s look at the answer to the question of what’s the minimum wage in Sweden.

İs there a minimum wage in Sweden?

Before moving on to the current minimum wage in Sweden, I would like to briefly talk about how the minimum wage in Sweden is determined. While the minimum wage is set by governments in most countries, there is no such practice in Sweden. The wage amounts are determined according to the contract between the employer and the employee.

What is the minimum wage in Sweden?

In Sweden, as in other countries, there is no minimum wage set by the government. However, the average Sweden minimum wage in  2023 is around 24000 Swedish kronor. Below is the answer to the hourly, daily and monthly what is minimum wage in sweden question in tabular form.

Minimum wage in Sweden per month 24000 kronor
Minimum wage in Sweden per hour 2023 140 kronor
Minimum wage in Sweden in usd 2307,00 dollars
Sweden minimum wage in euro 2266 euro
Minimum wage in stockholm sweden Awerage 25000 kronor

Sweden minimum wage monthly

As can be seen from the table above, the average monthly minimum wage in Sweden is 24000 SEK. Average monthly salaries in euros are 2270 euros, and average monthly salaries in dollars are around 2307 dollars.

Sweden minimum wage in dollars

Let’s talk about Sweden minimum wage in usd. The average net minimum wage in Sweden as of 2023 is SEK 24,000. According to current exchange rates, the average monthly salary in Sweden is $2,307.00 in dollars.

Minimum wage in Sweden for international students

Salaries paid to international students are close to the minimum wage. Although it varies during the month, on average a fully working student salary is 20000-30000 Swiss crowns per month in Sweden. The average hourly minimum wage is 120-130 Swedish kronor.

How is minimum wage determined in Sweden?

As we explained in detail in the section average minimum wage in Sweden above, there is no minimum wage determined by the government in Sweden. There is an average monthly income application. It is determined by the contract between the employee and the employer based on the salaries and expenses paid in other similar jobs. While in most countries the minimum wage is set by the Government, there is no such practice in Sweden.

How much is house rent in Sweden?

House rents in Sweden increased in 2023. Especially with the increase in the number of refugees, the problem of housing has occurred. As the demand for houses increased, rents also increased. If you want to live in an average house, you have to pay at least 8000 Swedish kronor for 2023. If you want to live in a more central and decent house, then you will have to sacrifice 10000-15000 Swedish kronor.

Average salary in sweden after tax

Average monthly salaries in Sweden, after all taxes are deducted, range from SEK 30000-35000.

What is Sweden’s minimum wage in 2023

The average monthly minimum wage in Sweden for 2023 is 24000 Swedish kronor, or about 2500 euros.

What is the average wage in Sweden?

Average monthly salary of employees in Sweden is in the range of 24000-30000 kroner. Qualified professionals earn higher wages.

What’s a good salary in Sweden?

If you have a monthly salary of SEK 40000-50000 in Sweden, this is considered a good salary. If you have an average income of SEK 40000-50000, you can provide a quality life.

What is the lowest paying job in Sweden?

Low salaries are often paid for jobs that do not require any qualifications. Cleaning jobs, restaurant jobs can be given as examples.

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