Minimum Wage in Japan 2022

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What is minimum wage in Japan

Minimum wage in Japan is among the topics sought recently. If you are searching for what is the minimum wage in Japan, you are at the right place. In the continuation of our article, you can find the answer to the question of how much is minimum wage in Japan, and you can find information about the economic situation in Japan.

What is minimum wage in Japan?

First of all, let’s answer the question of what’s the minimum wage in Japan. The minimum wage in Japan is approximately JPY 1000 per hour. The hourly minimum wage in dollars is around $7.74. Japan, one of the countries with the greatest technological power in the world, is also among the developed countries of the world. Japan minimum wage in us dollars, euro and Japanese yen are shown separately in the table below.

Minimum wage in japan per hour 1000 JPY 7,74 USD 7,43 Euro
Japan Daily Minimum Wage 8000 JPY $62 59 Euro
Minimum wage in Japan per month 180000 JPY $1393 1337 Euro

According to the data of Wikipedia, one of the largest information libraries in the world, Japan is among the 4 largest economies in the world. Despite being badly damaged and defeated in the Second World War, they took their place among the world’s largest economies in a short time with their technological breakthroughs.

In Japan, the daily working time is set at 8 hours. The minimum wage rate among the total number of employees is around 4%. This rate is quite low compared to developing countries. It is not difficult to get by, as most people earn above the minimum wage.

How much is minimum wage in Tokyo Japan?

In Japan, the minimum wage is determined to cover the whole country. So there are no different amounts and application in Tokyo. The minimum wage applied in Tokyo for 2022 is around 180000 Japanese yen.

Japan minimum wage in usd

Minimum wage in Japan in us dollars is about 1393 dollars per month. The minimum wage in japan in usd is around $7.74 per hour.

Tokyo minimum wage

In Tokyo, the minimum wage amounts that apply throughout Japan apply. Japan minimum wage is around 1393 USD for 2022.

Average salaries in Japan

We said that the number of minimum wage workers in Japan is low and it has a ratio of 4% in the total number of employees. In Japan, Japan average salaries are generally paid 10-20% above the minimum wage. So the average monthly salaries are around 200000-220000 Japanese yen. While teachers’ salaries are 2 times the minimum wage on average, doctor’s salaries are paid 4 times the minimum wage on average. Engineers’ salaries are paid 2-3 times the minimum wage on average.

Special information about Japan

  • The surface area of Japan, which is an island country, is approximately 377,973 km2.
  • Its population is around 127 million.
  • It is a mountainous country, but its highways are highly developed.
  • It is a country where the rail system is developed.
  • The world’s most advanced high-speed trains are in Japan.
  • The people of the country are very hardworking. They like to work and produce.

I tried to give information about the minimum wage in Japan. As can be seen, the minimum wage in Japan is above the amount determined in many countries. If you have a question that remains unanswered, you can ask it in the comment section.

What is minimum wage in Japan USD?

The monthly minimum wage in Japan for 2022 is approximately $1393. The hourly minimum wage is an average of $7.74 for 2022.

Can you live in Japan on minimum wage?

It is possible to live on minimum wage in Japan. Although the price seems low, the purchasing power is high. There are millions of people living on minimum wage in Japan.

What is the average hourly wage in Japan?

The average hourly minimum wage in Japan is JPY 1000.

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