Minimum Wage in Germany 2023

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What is the minimum wage in Germany?

Minimum wage in Germany is among the topics we will discuss today in the minimum wage category. Germany is among the countries with the strongest economy in the world. Therefore, the minimum hourly wage in Germany is higher than in many countries. If you are doing research on how much is minimum wage in Germany, I would like to remind you that you can find the most up-to-date information in this article. In the continuation of our article, you can find detailed information about how much is the minimum wage in Germany.

İs there a minimum wage in Germany?

There is a minimum wage practice in working life in Germany. In order to maintain the wage balance in working life, there is a minimum wage application in Germany, as in many countries. Businesses cannot pay employees below this minimum wage determined by law.

What is the minimum wage in Germany?

Average minimum wage in Germany for 2023 is 1811 euros. The average hourly minimum wage in Germany is between 11-12 euros. The minimum monthly wage in germany is shared in detail below as a table.

Minimum wage in Germany hourly 12 Euros
Daily minimum wage in Germany Average 80-100 Euros
Minimum wage per month in Germany Average 1800-2000 Euros

Germany minimum wage in us dollars

As stated above under the title of what is minimum wage in Germany, the minimum wage in Germany is 1800 Euro in 2023. The German minimum wage in dollars is 1793 dollars on average in 2023.

Minimum wage in germany for students

The hourly minimum wage paid to international students in Germany is slightly less than the normal minimum wage. In 2023, the minimum wage in Germany for international students is around 10-11 euros per hour.

How many minimum wage workers are there in Germany?

Germany is among the developed countries. It is among the world’s largest exporting countries, especially in the field of automobile and industry. For this reason, the number of minimum wage workers in the country is low compared to the total number of workers. As in other developed countries, the number of workers with minimum wage is low in Germany. According to the latest data, the rate of workers with minimum wage is 5% in Germany.

What are the average salaries in Germany?

Salaries for other professions in Germany are higher than the minimum wage. Although average salaries vary by industry, the average salary of an employee is between 2000-2500 Euros. The average salary table for some occupational groups is given in the table below. Salaries stated are average salaries for 2023. Employees in the private sector and government can receive different salaries.

Average doctor salaries in Germany 4000-6000 Euros
Average engineer salaries in Germany 2500-4000 Euros
Average teacher salaries in Germany 3000-4000 Euros

In this article, I tried to give information about what is the minimum wage in Germany per hour. The salaries mentioned are average salaries. If you have a question or opinion on the subject, you can ask in the comment section.

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