Minimum Wage Greece 2023

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Greek minimum wage

Minimum wage Greece is one of the frequently researched subjects about the minimum wages of countries. If you are searching for “Greece minimum wage“, you are at the right place. In this content, detailed information about minimum wage in Greece will be given.

Greek minimum wage 2023

Minimum wage Greece is currently 832 euro per month for 2023. Minimum wage workers in Greece are paid 2 more salaries per year. According to this calculation, the average monthly salary of a minimum wage worker in Greece is around 970 euros. In the table below, daily and monthly minimum wage data of Greece are shared.

Minimum wage Greece per a mounth 832
Minimum wage Greece per a hour 3,6 Euro

The weekly working time in Greece is 40 hours. As we mentioned above, the monthly minimum wage paid on average for 40 hours is approximately 832 euros.

Average Greek salary

Average salary in Greece is around 1200 euro per month according to the latest data from the Greek Statistical Institute. Again, according to the latest data on the “greek average salary”, the average daily income of employees in Greece is around 52 euros.

According to the average Greece salary data, as in other countries, the highest salaries are paid to doctors, managers and software engineers, while the lowest salaries are paid to workers working in textile, gastronomy and cleaning. The “average income in greece” table by occupation is shared below.

Doctor salaries in greece 3500-4000 euros
Teacher salaries in greece 2000-2200 euros
Engineer salaries in greece 2500-3000 euros
Waitress salaries in greece 1000-1200 euros

Greece minimum wage percentage

The number of minimum wage workers in Greece is higher than in other countries in the European Union. According to the latest data, the percentage of minimum wage working in Greece is 8.9%. In countries such as Spain and Belgium, this rate is below 1%.

Brief information about Greece

Greece is a country located in Southern Europe and one of the main sources of income is tourism. Greece, which is an island country, is also a member state of the European Union. Countries such as Bulgaria, Turkey and Albania are border neighbors.

Cultural and historical richness is quite high in the country where the Mediterranean climate is dominant. The population of the country, according to the latest data, is about 10.3 million people. Unemployment rate is around 14%.

I tried to give information about Greece average wage 2023. Below are the links to the current minimum wages for some countries. These articles may also be interested in;

What’s the minimum wage in Greece per hour?

The average hourly minimum wage in Greece is around 3.6 euros, or around $5.

What is Greece’s minimum wage 2023

In Greece, the monthly minimum wage will be applied as 832 euros from 01 January 2023.

What is the average salary Greece?

Average salaries in Greece are in the range of 1000-1500 Euros. For a quality life, the monthly average income you need to earn should be a minimum of 2000-2500 euros.

How much is a waiter paid in Greece?

Average monthly income of waiters in Greece, including monthly salaries and tips, varies between 1250-1500 euros.

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