How to Use Whatsapp Web?

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İs whatsapp web still available?

How to use Whatsapp web? The application that allows us to use the Whatsapp application that we use on our mobile devices on our desktop computers is called Whatsapp web application. If you want to use the whatsapp application on your computer without downloading it, you can find information about how to use Whatsapp web in the continuation of our article.

What is WhatsApp Web?

What is WhatsApp Web? WhatsApp Web is the official application developed by the whatsapp application. It allows us to use the WhatsApp application that we use on mobile devices simultaneously on our desktop devices. If you want, you can use the application by downloading it to your desktop device. However, you do not need to do any installation for whatsapp web. By scanning the QR code, you can open the WhatsApp application on your browser in seconds.

You can use Whatsapp web application in all browsers such as microsoft edge, opera, google chrome without any problem. The application is used for both android and ios based phones and works simultaneously with the mobile device. This allows you to view, reply to, and send and receive media at the same time.

İs whatsapp web still available?

Whatsapp web is still actively used. It is an application that is used extensively by e-commerce companies and people who provide continuous customer service at the desk. You can also actively use the application for your personal transactions by following the path we have explained below.

How to use whatsapp web?

To open the whatsapp web application on your desktop device, please follow the steps below;

  • Open the whatsapp application on your phone and make sure your phone is connected to the internet.
    Log in to the “Settings” section of the Whatsapp application.
  • Enter the “Connected devices” section.
  • After clicking the “Connect device” option, the qr code verification screen will open.
  • Login to the whatsapp web page from your computer browser.
  • Scan the QR code from your phone.
  • As a result of this process, you will be connected to WhatsApp web on your computer.

How to log out of WhatsApp Web?

You can log out of Whatsapp web application using your desktop or mobile device. Follow the steps below to exit WhatsApp Web;

  • Log into the whatsapp application on your phone.
  • Go to “Settings” and then “Connected devices”.
  • You can complete the sign out process by clicking on the device you want to sign out from in the connected devices section.

Can you call on whatsapp web?

Recently, I often come across the question, can you video call on whatsapp web. After connecting the Whatsapp application to the web, you can make calls through the web application.

How to call on whatsapp web?

I would like to give a brief answer to the frequently asked question of how to video call on whatsapp web. As I mentioned above, you can make video calls via the web application. After logging into the Whatsapp web application, you can make a call after selecting the person you want to call as you use on the phone. Of course, for this process, your computer’s microphone and speaker must be active. You can also make and answer video calls if your computer has an active camera.

Does whatsapp web drain phone battery?

While using Whatsapp web actively, data is exchanged from your phone. Therefore, the WhatsApp web application uses the battery of the phone. I tried to give information about how to use Whatsapp web. If you have any question, you can ask in the comment section. You can visit our technology category for similar content.

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