How to Track Google Adsense Pin?

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Adsense pin tracking

How to track google adsense pin? Google adsense is among the most used applications in the world to earn money online. After you open your Google adsense account and get approval for your website, you need to verify in order to withdraw money from your account. The google adsense verification process is done with the pin code sent by google. In this article, you can find information about what a google adsense pin is, where and how it can be tracked, when it is sent and how to verify it.

What is google adsense pin?

Google adsense pin is the pin automatically sent by google when your adsense account reaches the payment threshold. With this pin code, the account is verified. Without pin verification, even if the money in the account exceeds the payment threshold, the bank account cannot be defined and money cannot be withdrawn from the Adsense account.

To which address is the Adsense pin code sent?

Google adsense pin code is sent to the last address in your adsense account. Therefore, if your adsense account has reached the payment threshold and the pin is sent, but it does not reach your address, I recommend you to check the address in your adsense account.To check and change the address in your Adsense account, first log in to your google adsense account.

  • Then login to Payments-Payment Information-Manage Settings.
  • Check your address here. If true, you don’t need to do anything. If the address is not correct, you need to change it.

Adsense pin verification thresholds

Thresholds Address verification
U.S. Dollar (USD) $10
Australian Dollar (AUD) $10 equivalent
Canadian Dollar (CAD) $10 equivalent
Chilean peso (CLP) $10 equivalent
Czech Koruna (CZK) $10 equivalent
Danish Krone (DKK) $10 equivalent
Euro (EUR) $10 equivalent
Great British Pound (GBP) $10 equivalent
Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) $10 equivalent
Hungarian Forint (HUF) $10 equivalent
Indonesian rupiah (IDR) $10 equivalent
Israeli Shekel (ILS) $10 equivalent
Japanese Yen (JPY) $10 equivalent
Jordanian dinar (JOD) $10 equivalent
Mexican Peso (MXN) $10 equivalent
Moroccan dirham (MAD) $10 equivalent
New Zealand Dollar (NZD) $10 equivalent
Norwegian Krone (NOK) $10 equivalent
Peruvian sol (PEN) $10 equivalent
Polish Zloty (PLN) $10 equivalent
Singapore Dollar (SGD) $10 equivalent
South African Rand (ZAR) $10 equivalent
Swedish Krona (SEK) $10 equivalent
Swiss Franc (CHF) $10 equivalent
Tunisian dinar (TND) $10 equivalent
Turkish Lira (TRY) $10 equivalent
United Arab Emirates dirham (AED) $10 equivalent
Uruguayan peso (UYU) $10 equivalent

Adsense pin tracking

Adsense pin tracking process cannot be tracked via adsense account or online tracking systems. When your Adsense payment reaches the thresholds specified in the table above, a letter will be sent to you by google. This letter will reach your mail address defined in the system within 10-15 days on average. Unfortunately, you cannot track the mail during this process.

When Google sends a letter containing a pin code to your address to verify the account, it notifies you by e-mail. Accordingly, you can check your mailbox 7-10 days after the letter is sent. Except for very exceptional cases, you usually receive a letter containing pin verification to your postal address within 7-10 days.

Google Adsense tracking number

When the Google adsense pin is sent, you will receive an email stating that the pin has been sent. There is no number you can track the google adsense pin letter in the mail system.

How to verify google adsense pin?

After you receive the Google Adsense pin code, you need to verify it by entering the pin code in the letter into your adsense account. First of all, for the verification process;
Login to your google adsense account.

  • Then login to the Payments-Verification control section.
  • Here you will see the field to enter the pin code. You can complete the verification process by entering the pin code in the address verification section.

How to Resend PIN AdSense

If you haven’t received the letter containing the adsense pin after more than 4 weeks, you can request a new pin. Follow the steps below for a new Google Adsense pin request;

  • Sign in to your google adsense account.
  • Click on the Payments section.
  • Click Resend PIN.

AdSense verification without PIN

You cannot verify your google adsense account without a pin. However, if you did not receive the Google AdSense PIN verification letter containing the pin code even though you requested at least 3 times, then you can verify your google adsense account without a pin. In this process, the verification process can now be done only with an ID, without a pin.

How long does Adsense PIN take?

Google adsense pin delivery time may vary from country to country. The average duration varies between 2-4 weeks.

Can we verify AdSense account without PIN?

You need to verify your Adsense account with pin. If you can’t get the google adsense pin even though you want a pin 3 times, then the authentication process starts. You can verify at this stage by uploading your identity in authentication.

How many times I can request for PIN on AdSense?

You can ask for the pin code up to 3 times to verify your Google adsense account. After the 3rd time, the authentication process starts and you can authenticate with the identity.

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