How to Speed up Windows 10 ?- Best Ways

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How to speed up computer windows 10

How to speed up windows 10 is one of the questions that everyone with a computer is looking for the answer to. If you are looking for the answer to the question of how to speed up windows 10 startup, then you are at the right place. This article will be a complete guide on how to speed up windows 10.

How to speed up computer windows 10

There are many methods for speed up pc windows 10 operation. We have shared these methods with you under two separate headings, software and hardware. If you apply all these methods, you will get positive results on speed up window 10. 

1-How to speed up my computer windows 10 (Software methods)

There are many software methods for Windows 10 speed up. If you make these improvements as software, your computer will be greatly accelerated. The methods that can be applied in software are as follows;

  • Closing unnecessary patches,
  • Disabling apps running in the background,
  • Optimizing performance options,
  • Removing unnecessary software,
  • Keeping Window 10 up to date,
  • update drivers,
    Disabling the Microsoft EDGE application,
  • Disabling unnecessary services provided by Windows 10,
  • Disabling Defender.

If you are looking for the answer to the question of how to speed up pc windows 10, you should try the methods mentioned above. These methods are not harmful methods.

Turn off Unnecessary Patches

One of the most important methods to speed up Window 10 is to turn off unnecessary patches. Window 10 is fast on computers with at least 8 GB of RAM and 4 Core processors. But if you have a computer with lower specifications, unfortunately, the situation will not be the same.

  • To remove unnecessary patches, first download the file from the link here ⇒ download inspectre.
  • Download the zip file and run it as administrator. You can perform the first acceleration process by performing the following operations.

System is Meltdown Protected : YES (System protected against meltdown vulnerability)
Ssytem is Spectre protected : YES (System protected against Specter vulnerability)
Performance : SLOW

Restart your computer after clicking Disable Meltdown Protection and Disable Specter Protection. After this method, you will see your computer speed up.

Background apps

You can speed up your computer by closing the default applications for Windows. This method will also increase the charging performance, especially in charging devices such as Laptops. You can detect these programs from the task manager and remove the unnecessary ones.

Changing Performance Options

To change the performance options, follow the steps below;

  • Right click on “My Computer” and go to “properties“.
  • In the window that opens, enter the “Advanced System Settings” section on the right.
  • After logging into “Performance-Settings”, select Adjust for “Best Performance” and click the “Apply” button.
  • After this setting, the display settings of the system will be lowered. Thus, the system will be greatly accelerated.

Non-essential softwares

You can save a lot of speed by removing unnecessary software. CCleaner is among the most important applications with which you can remove unnecessary software. While this application was a cleaning application when it first started, it has turned into an optimization application over time. With this program, you can delete the cookie files that load your computer, repair the errors in the registry and defragment the disks. You can download the app here: Download ccleaner

Defender Shutdown

Defender entered our lives for the first time with Windows 7. However, tests have shown that Defender causes at least 20% slowdown in the computer’s speed. If you are using Windows 7, you can speed up your computer by removing defender. For Windows 10, you can apply the settings described above.

Windows 10 Updates

Updating the operating system is among the main methods for Windows 10 acceleration. Each update also means a new optimization.To check for updates, go to Start> Settings > Update & Security. If there is an update, update your software.

Updating Driver

Our computer consists of hardware such as graphics card, RAM, processor and motherboard. In order for the system to work stably, the software for each hardware must be kept up-to-date. If you do not update the driver, system optimization will be incomplete and systems will run inefficiently. This will cause your computer to slow down.

Microsoft EDGE Consumes Resources!

As soon as the Windows 10 system is turned on, the Microsoft Edge application is also automatically activated. Edge is automatically activated even if your web browser preferences are Chrome, Opera or Firefox. Therefore, closing the EDGE application will make the system run faster.

2-How to speed up windows 10 computer (Hardware methods)

We have given detailed information above about how to speed up windows 10 with software methods. Hardware solutions are also important to speed up Windows 10.We can list the main hardware methods you can take to speed up your computer as follows;

  • If you are using SATA, switch to SSD.
  • Upgrade if RAM is low.
  • Control your computer’s temperature.

Migrating from SATA to SSD

SATA disks, which are old-style disks, have very low write and read speeds. SSD drives are faster than SATA. You can increase its performance by purchasing an SSD suitable for your computer.

Upgrade RAM

RAM is one of the most important hardware for speed on computers running Windows 10 system. If there is space available, you can increase the performance of your computer by adding RAM.

Control your computer’s temperature

The temperature of the computer is important for speed performance. If your computer’s fan does not work stably it will cause a decrease in computer performance. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the fan frequently and optimize its performance.

How to make Windows faster?

How to make your computer faster? If your computer with Windows operating system is slow, there are many simple methods that you can apply in terms of software and hardware. I have shared all these methods with you separately in the upper headings. When you try these methods, you will notice a noticeable acceleration in your computer.

PC performance boost

It would be good to upgrade your hardware, especially for games and other programs that make your computer heavy. Installing a good SSD, increasing RAM can be listed as simple methods you can try to increase performance.

How to speed up Windows 10 laptop?

Laptops with low specs may lose their performance over time. All the methods I have mentioned in my content are also valid for laptops with Windows 10 operating system. In addition, you can increase laptop performance by installing a good SSD. This would be more convenient than buying a new laptop.

Startup faster windows 10

Unnecessary software and applications on your computer, unnecessary files, applications that use unnecessary ram and outdated version cause your computer to start late. If you want your computer to boot up sooner, you should remove all unnecessary software and files. If these are not the solution, formatting the computer may be a good solution for you.

Windows 10 faster Settings

There is no setting you can make in the Windows 10 operating system for a faster computer. What you need to do is pretty simple. As I have repeatedly mentioned in my content, simple settings you will make will make your computer faster.

Windows 10 cleaning up

If you want to free your PC from unnecessary files, folders and applications and optimize at the same time, I highly recommend CCleaner. Install and run this program on your computer. The program deletes all unnecessary software on your computer and also detects errors and notifies you. It allows your computer to be optimized.

Why is my Windows 10 system so slow?

Computers with Windows operating systems can slow down over time and their performance decreases. There are many reasons for this. Unnecessary data accumulation, lack of updates and swelling of the database are among the main reasons. We have shared simple steps on how to speed up windows 10 in our content.

How do you clean up Windows 10 to run faster?

Disk cleanup is a simple process on computers with Windows operating systems. To do this, type “Disk Cleanup” in the Start menu. Select the disk you want to clean and continue. You can perform a disk cleanup by following the onscreen instructions.

How to make your PC faster?

There are many software and hardware ways to speed up the computer. Using up-to-date software is the most effective way to speed up the computer. In addition, using compatible hardware with your computer will speed up your computer and make it work more efficiently. We have explained all other methods step by step in our content.

How do I speed up drastically on Windows 10?

There are many things you can do to speed up your Windows 10 operating system computer. We can briefly list them as follows: remove unnecessary applications, optimize system requirements, keep your computer’s operating system up-to-date, remove unnecessary folders, games and files from your computer.

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