How to Check Hard Drive Health?

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How to check a hard drive health?

How to check hard drive health? Check hard drive health is a critical operation. There are many free applications that you can use to check health hard drive. The main reason for performing a hard drive health check is to detect errors on the hard disk and fix these errors.

As you know, “Blue screen error” in computers is among the problems we encounter frequently. One of the reasons for this problem is Harddisk related errors. When the hard disk is damaged for any reason or for long-term use, it loses performance. If you think that this problem you are experiencing on your computer is caused by the hard disk, you can find details about how to check health of hard drive in the continuation of our article.

How to check a hard drive health?

There are many free and quality applications that you can use for check the health of a hard drive operation. “HD Tune 2.5” and “HDD Regenerator 15” programs are among the main applications that you can use for hard drive check. These programs detect errors on your SATA or SSD disks and report them for you. As a result of detecting errors with applications, if there is a large amount of “Bad Sector” errors in the “Error Scan” section, the disk will always give an error. In this case, it is recommended to replace the disc.

Hard drive checker

Checking hard drive health, also known as Bad Sector, is done to detect errors on disks. With hard drive checking, you can detect errors before purchasing a drive. Now let’s move on to how to check hard drive with applications.

How to Use HD Tune 2.5?

To perform hard drive health checker with HD Tune 2.5 program,

  • First download the application to your computer.
  • After downloading, install and run as administrator.
  • After installing the program, enter the “Error Scan” section. If the “Quick Scan” section is checked in this section, remove it. If this is checked, fast scanning is performed. Quick scan does not give correct results.
  • Then press “Start” to start the application to check for hard drive errors.
  • The application scans an average 1 TB disk in 30 minutes.

How to Use HDD Regenerator 15?

Another free application that you can use for check hard drive for errors is HDD Regenerator 15. Follow the steps below to check hard drive errors with the application;

  • First, download the application and install it on your computer.
  • The difference of the program from other programs is that it fixes errors.
  • It usually fixes 60% of the errors during the scan during the scan.

How to check hard drive health windows 10?

You can also apply the methods we described above for the hard drive health check windows 10 process. All of the hard drive smart check processes we described in our article are also valid for Windows 10 and all other versions.

I tried to tell you what I know about how to check hard drive for errors. The two programs and methods I shared will help you to detect and repair errors. If you have questions about how to check your hard drive health, you can ask them in the comment section.

How to check hard drive health Windows 11

You can perform the hard disk health check for Windows 11 by following the methods described above. The methods we describe in this content for hard disk control can be applied in all operating systems of windows.

Hard drive health check software

HDD Regenerator 15 and HD Tune 2.5 are the two best free applications that you can use as hard drive health check software. There are many free applications on the Internet and I have tested many of them. However, I can easily say that these are the two best software.

How do I run a health check on my hard drive?

There are many free applications for hard disk health check. With HD tune 2.5 or HDD Regenerator 15, you can check the hard disk health and fix any errors.

How can I check my hard drive health for free?

You can check the hard disk health for free with HD Tune 2.5 or HDD Regenerator 15 applications.

How do I test if my hard drive is failing?

There is a very easy method to detect if there is an error in the hard disk. On your computer, type “Command” or “CMD” in the taskbar area and press enter. Type “wmic diskdrive get status” in the field that opens and confirm. If the result is “OK”, it means that there is no error on your hard disk.

How long do hard drives last?

The life of the hard drive is usually a maximum of 5 years on average. Quality hard drives can last longer. However, if it is specified for an average period, it can be said that it has a lifespan of 3-5 years.

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