How to Change Metamask Password & Recover Your Wallet

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How to change password on Metamask?

How to change Metamask password? Metamask is among the most used crypto cold wallets developed for the etherium network. You can login to Metamask via the mobile application or by adding an extension to your google chrome browser. It is possible to set different passwords for mobile application or desktop plugin in your Metamask wallet. However, on both platforms, you need to know the answer to the question of how to change your metamask password. If you are looking for the answer to the question of how to change your password on Metamask, this article will be a guide for you.

Does MetaMask have a password?

Before going on to answer the question of how to change the metamask password, I would like to briefly talk about how the Metamask system works. Anyone can open the Metamask wallet and information such as mail, mobile phone is not required. Security words are given to you at the opening. These words are very important and you should definitely jot them down in a notebook. In Metamask, the password is defined for the device to be installed. I would like to remind you that you will need security words to be able to setup metamask wallet again on another device.

How to change password on Metamask?

Now let’s try to answer the question of how to change my Metamask password step by step. Every time you log in to your Metamask wallet via mobile or add-on, you must enter your password. Do not forget this: Metamask is a decentralized cold wallet and there is no control over this wallet. For this reason, information such as your password, e-mail address, e-mail address or user name is not stored in the Metamask database. All your information is stored locally on the computer or mobile application.

If you remember your password, it’s easy to change. Below we have explained step by step how to do this. However, if you don’t remember your password, you should reset your Metamask wallet. For re-entry, you will be asked for recovery words consisting of 12, 15 or 21 words given when opening the Metamask. If you don’t have recovery words and you haven’t made a note of them, and you don’t remember your login password for mobile or desktop, sorry you can’t recover your Metamask wallet anymore.

To change your Metamask wallet password on desktop or mobile application, follow the steps below;

  • In Metamask wallet, you will see the “Forgot Password” section in the login section. It is shown in the image below.

  • Then the following screen will appear. Here you need to enter your recovery words given to you when opening your metamask wallet. After making sure that you have entered all the words in order, enter your password at the bottom. Thus, the password change process.

How to change metamask password on desktop

Detailed information on how to change password in metamask is given above. Password change and reset operations are the same on all mobile or desktop devices. You can easily change the password of your metamask wallet by following the path described in the metamask how to change password section above.

In this article, I tried to give you information about how to change my password on metamask. To summarize, as I explained in detail in my article, your metamask password is only the password created for metamask login on that device. Metamaska will need your recovery words to login from another device. If there is something you do not understand about how to change password for metamask, you can ask me in the comment section.

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MetaMask change private key

MetaMask change private key is unfortunately not possible. The private key is given specifically to each wallet and cannot be changed later.

Metamask forgot secret recovery phrase

Many people search for “Metamask forgot secret recovery phrase” on the internet. If you forgot the “MetaMask private key to Seed Phrase”, it is not possible to recover the wallet. If your wallet is still saved on your mobile or desktop device, you can get recovery phrases by logging in with a password as described in our content and log in to metamask on another device. MetaMask Import with seed phrase işlemi için ise içeriğimizde açıklanan yolu takip edebilirsiniz.

We couldn’t import that private key Metamask

If you enter the private key incorrectly while trying to install the wallet on a new device, you may encounter the error “We couldn’t import that private key Metamask”. The only solution to this error is to enter the private key correctly. Other than that, there is no solution.

MetaMask password rules

When opening the Metamask wallet, the system offers you recovery words. You should write them down somewhere. If you want to open your metamask wallet on another device, you need to use these recovery words. On the device you have defined, you can log in with the password you entered. You can log in with the password you defined from this device until you remove the Metamask wallet. But remember, you will need recovery words to open Metamask on another device.

MetaMask account 2 not showing

As you know, you can open multiple accounts in your Metamask wallet. You can store different coins in sub-accounts linked to your wallet. In some cases, the balance in the second account may not be visible. This is usually because you are on the wrong network or the coins attached to the wallet are not attached to the metamask wallet. If you are sure that you are on the right network, you can try again by entering the contract address of the coins.

MetaMask invalid password

If you get an “invalid password” warning while trying to log in to your Metamask wallet on any device, it means you entered your password incorrectly. If you do not remember the password you have defined for the device, you need to remove the Metamask wallet and re-install it with your recovery words and create a new password. Remember, you must have the recovery words before you can change your Metamask account.

How to reset metamask password?

metamask change password is not possible as we explained in our content. You can only change the password you use to login to your mobile or desktop device if you wish. For this process, you need to enter the verification words. To reset the password, you must remove the metamask from your device and log in again with the verification words and set a new password.

How to change metamask email?

As we explained in the metamask login with password section, Metamask wallet setup is not done with an e-mail address. For this reason, metamask does not ask you for an e-mail address when registering or changing your password. Therefore, it is not possible to define or change the e-mail address for the metamask wallet.

How to recover Metamask password?

As I explained in the “change password metamask” section, the password defined for Metamask is a device-specific password. In order to log in to the Metamask wallet on another device, you need to know the verification words. If you do not have these, unfortunately you cannot access your metamask wallet. If you say i forgot my metamask password, sorry but there is nothing to be done.

How do I find my MetaMask password?

As we explained in detail in our content on “metamask forgot password”, it is not possible to find Metamask wallet login words or password. It doesn’t matter if you forget your password. The password is device specific. Unfortunately, you can’t recover your wallet if you haven’t made a note of your verification words. If you remember your verification words, metamask password reset is possible. Other than that it is not possible.

Can you change MetaMask private key?

As I explained in the how to change password metamask section, metamask gives private keys for each wallet and these keys are specific to that wallet. You cannot change the private key of your Metamask wallet.

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