How to Become an Seo Content Writer 2023

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How to write seo content

How to become an seo content writer? Content is one of the most important criteria in order to rise in Google rankings. The content should be both SEO compatible and useful to the user. If you are looking for the answer to the question of how to write seo friendly content, you can be sure that you are in the right place. You can find many resources on the internet about how to write seo optimized content, but none of them are as effective as the techniques I have described.

SEO content writer job description

Before answering the question of How to become an seo content writer, I would like to briefly define “SEO content writer job”. SEO content writer job can be defined as the job of producing original and user-oriented content in accordance with the algorithms of search engines.

How to write seo content?

As I mentioned in the introductory part of our article, content is one of the most important ways to get good rankings on the internet as a brand or individually. Google describes it as “Content is King”. Content is king, but not enough on its own. But it is the most important element for SEO.Now I will tell you step by step the answer to the question of how to write seo content writing under separate headings.

1-Write for users, not for search engines

Maybe it will be a little classic, but most people write their content for google, not the user. When this happens, the content becomes worthless and becomes worthless to the user. Optimize the content in a way that is useful to the user and gives the right information.

2-Do keyword research

Before creating a content, do keyword and competitor research for your content. I recommend using the Ahrefs and Semrush tools while doing this. Produce content with keywords with a low KD rate, instead of keywords with a high difficulty level, also known as KD rate. Since the competition will be lower in these keywords, it will be easier and faster for you to rise in the rankings.

3-Start your title with your keyword

Create the title of your content with your keyword. For example, if you are going to create a content about Volkswagen Golf, your sample title could be: “Wolkswagen Golf: Features, Price and Details”. Start your title with your keyword. Keep your title short and concise. Optimize to include other search words.

4-Make an impressive introduction to the article

When starting your article, start with the keyword you used in the title. Make your keyword bold. Introduce the article in such a way that when the user starts reading your article, they will understand that this article is worth reading. Make it bold by using one of the relevant keywords in the introduction.

5-Use keywords at the beginning of a paragraph

Begin at the beginning of each paragraph with your keyword or other related keywords that are linked to your keyword. Make bold the keyword you use at the beginning of the paragraph. This article you are reading right now is an example for seo compatible content.You can use the techniques I used in my article.

6-Use subheadings correctly

Use subheading tags such as H2-H3 within the article. Use subheadings to fit the hierarchy. Do not use an additional H1 tag in the article, as there will be an H1 title tag in the main title of your article.

7-Use visual content and video

Using images and videos related to your content will put you ahead of your competitors. Make sure that the images and videos are original. Also, optimize the image alt tags in a way that the search engine understands. For example, for your “How to cook” content, set the image alt tag as “how-to-cook”. Also write the same keyword in the image. Because search engines now read the texts written inside the images.

8-Content /visual content must be absolutely original

Definitely create your own content and visual content and be original. You can never fool search engines and especially google. Google bots have improved a lot and now they can easily detect which content is artificial and which content is natural. Also, do not use content created with artificial intelligence. Google now understands this.

9-Enter a meta description for your content

Write your meta description in your content. Your description should be in a way that encourages clicks on your content. Also, use keywords in the meta description.

10-Leverage Yoast Seo/Rank Math Seo

Create your content by entering your keyword while creating your content and following the content recommendations of seo plugins such as Yoast Seo, Rank Math Seo and All In Seo. These apps will help you create seo compatible content.

I tried to tell you all the things I know about how to write content for seo. The techniques I described above in the how to write good seo content section are important for content. However, I would like to point out that all these techniques alone will not be enough to rise in google and other search engines.

SEO content writing course online

If you are doing a research on “SEO content writing course online”, you are in the right place. You can improve yourself by purchasing SEO trainings and SEO-compatible content production trainings, especially from training sites such as Udemy. I tried to give all the information about SEO compatible content in this content. In any case, the content of the training you will receive is not much different from what is described in this content.

How to learn SEO content writing?

First of all, you must have a good knowledge of the language. Especially with Google’s latest update, it does not include weak content in terms of grammar. If you’re good at grammar and have writing skills, you can handle the rest first. There are many free courses on this on the Internet. Keyword research, competitor analysis may be difficult for you, but it is not that difficult. At the top of the content, I gave brief information about what you need to do about to Become an SEO writer. You can take the first step by following what I have told you. The rest comes naturally with experience and time.

SEO Content Writer salary

SEO Content Writer is usually run on a freelance basis. Salaries for those working on a fixed salary vary from firm to firm. For example, an SEO Content Writer working with a fixed salary in the USA averages around $2000 per month. SEO Content Writers working as freelancers usually charge per word they write. They get paid for articles ranging from 0.5 to 1 dollar per word.

SEO Content Writer jobs

You can find SEO Content Writer jobs on freelancer job posting sites and other posting sites. Here are the best sites where you can find Freelance SEO content writer jobs;

  • Upwork,
  • İndeed,

SEO content writing course free

The platform where you can find free and best courses for SEO content writing is Udemy. To find free and best courses on Udemy, follow the steps below;

  • First, log in to the Udemy page.
  • Type “SEO for Content Writers” in the search field.
  • Select “Free” in the filters. Sort by rating.
  • This will list the best free SEO tutorials.
  • You can watch for free by choosing the one that suits you.

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How to become a SEO content writer?

For Google and other search engines, the most important thing in terms of SEO is authenticity. If you want to be a good seo expert, you must first produce original content. Patience and consistency are important in SEO. You should produce useful content for the user. While producing content, you should do keyword research well and use up-to-date searches in your content.

Is SEO content writing a good career?

Today, the need for SEO experts and those who produce SEO compatible content is increasing day by day. It will be the right choice for you to improve yourself in SEO and to focus on this field.

How do I get into SEO content writing?

For SEO content writing, you need to have advanced reading and writing skills. Being a good writer means being a good reader. If you are a good reader and you like to read, you will not have any difficulty in writing SEO compatible content. One of the most important elements in SEO compatible content is that the article is interesting and that the person can find all the answers in the content.

What does an SEO writer do?

Seo writers are people who work on producing useful content for their website by following search trends. Their main task is to produce user-oriented articles by following the trends.

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