Free Seo Backlinks List 2023 &+700 Backlinks

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What free backlinks sites

Free seo backlinks list is a list where you can get backlinks to your website without paying any fee. Although many SEO experts think that free backlinks will not help the website, I do not think so. Backlinks to my websites from valuable sources such as profiles and forums increase the authority of my website. Thus, my website rank high in search engines.

What free backlinks sites?

Free backlinks can be defined as links that you can get to your website without paying any fee. Profile backlinks are the most important of the free backlinks available. Thanks to profile backlinks, you can get backlinks from many websites with high authority, make them refer to you, and thus increase your website authority. Of course, since profile backlinks are not indexed by search engines, you need to index these links using indexing methods after adding profile backlinks.

Do free backlinks increase website traffic?

The backlinks that I will share with you in the free best backlinks list do not directly affect your website traffic. However, since it will increase the authority of your website in search engines, it will indirectly increase your ranking and accordingly increase your website traffic. When choosing backlinks, you should choose websites with high PA and DA. With these top backlinks, your website’s DA and PA values and index speed will increase.

Before moving on to the links for websites list, I suggest you familiarize yourself with backlinks. For information on what Nofollow and Dofollow backlinks are, you can visit our what is backlink page.

Free profile backlink sites

Most of the sites I’ve shared in the list of free backlinks websites below allow you to get nofollow backlinks. You can reach the list of more than 700 site backlinks by visiting the page here: 700 backlinks for website.

Best profile backlink sites

Below is a list of the best backlink sites you can use for profile backlinks. All you need to do is to create a membership by visiting the relevant website. Adding your website’s backlink to the website or about sections by entering the “Edit Profile” or “Settings” sections after you become a member. You can also increase your website authority and traffic by getting backlinks from wikipedia. You can find information on how to do this by visiting our How to get backlinks from Wikipedia page.

Site name DA
Blogger 99
Sites Google 99
Pinterest 94
Gravatar 94
Microsoft 99
Flickr 92
Telegra 88
Gitlab 88

Front blog resources

Front blogs are among the important backlink sources where you can create backlinks for free. Below is a list of the best sites to create a front blog. You can visit our do backlinks style work page to see how backlinks affect website authority and traffic.

Site name

What are Free Backlink Types?

There are many ways you can get backlinks for free. Now I want to talk about these methods and how you can get them under separate headings.

1-Forum Introduction

Forums are among the best sources to get backlinks to your website. In particular, the backlinks you will get from forum sites related to your content will increase your content in search rankings and get a fast index. You can also get a profile backlink by adding your site’s url to the “website” section in the membership information section after you become a member of the forums.

You can use one of the following shortcuts to get backlinks from forums. For example, if you are looking for a forum about android, you can reach the forum topics where android is discussed by typing “inurl: forum android”.

inurl:topic Keyword
inurl:showthread Keyword
inurl:viewtopic Keyword
inurl:thread Keyword
inurl:forum Keyword
inurl:viewforum.php Keyword


You can get free backlinks by adding your website url to directories. It used to work, but it’s not as effective as it used to be.

3-Whois Backlink

It was an effective method used in the past. I can’t say that it has had much of an impact right now.

4-PDF backlinks

After preparing content for PDF download sites, you put the website URL in the content and thus you will get a backlink from the PDF site. I think the effect is as much as profile backlinks.

5-Social media

For this, open social media accounts on behalf of your website. Add your site’s url address to the website section in social media applications. It is among the important backlinks in terms of authority.

6-Edu/gov backlink

I can say that while comment backlinks from websites with edu and gov extensions used to contribute to the elevation of the website’s authority, it is no longer so effective.

7-Podcast Backlink

When uploading podcasts to sites such as Spotify, Anchor FM, Buzz, you can get backlinks by adding your website address to the description.

I shared the “high quality backlinks free” list with you. If you have a question about backlinks, you can ask in the comment section. Also, if you want a private gov, edu profile list, write it in the comment section and I will send it to your e-mail address.

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