Car Heater not Working & Cause and Solution

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Heat not working in car

Car heater not working error and solution suggestions are here. Car heater not working is a problem that is especially problematic in winter. In this case, users are searching for the answer to the question of why heater not blowing hot air. If you have a car heater blowing cold air problem, you are at the right place for a solution. In the continuation of our article, you can find information about the causes and solutions of the heater not working in car error.

How does car heating system work?

Before moving on to the cause of the heat in car not working error and solutions, I would like to briefly talk about how the heating system works in the car. The heating system in cars works with the help of engine water. Some of the heat generated as a result of combustion in the engine is transferred to the cooling liquid inside the engine blocks.

Water-cooled cars have two radiators. One is located in the engine compartment, and this is a large radiator. The other radiator is located inside the engine and this is a smaller radiator than the other. This radiator ensures that the interior of the vehicle is heated by the engine water. The heating system of the vehicle is heated by the engine water coming to this radiator inside.

Heat not working in car causes

We can list the reasons for car heat not working as follows;

  • One of the heating valve or valve control equipment may be faulty.
  • The heater radiator or one of the radiator connections may be clogged,
  • If a car heater not blowing hot air problem occurred after a repair was made on the car, this could possibly be due to incorrect installation of the heating system piping.

In fact, the main reason why the car heater system does not work is a clogged radiator. The heater in car not working problem usually occurs in old vehicles. He can say that the main causes of heater not working car error are using only water in the radiator in the past, putting liquids in the radiator cooling system that will cause clogging of the holes, and corrosion. It is recommended to use high quality antifreeze and pure water for the radiator in order not to encounter the problem of central heating not working.

How to solve heater not working problem?

How to fix heat in car?  There are two ways to open clogged radiator channels.

  1. The first method is to put cleaning chemicals inside the radiator to clean the radiator channels. After adding the cleaning chemical, run your vehicle until the engine water is warm. With the return of the chemical in the cooling system, clogged areas will open after a while. However, you should not try this method on old vehicles that have a hole in the radiator system, overheated or have damaged water pipes.
  2. If it does not open with chemicals, the second method should be tried. In this case, the second method should be tried. This method should be applied by a skilled person. Remove the water inlet and outlet hoses of the heating system. It is connected to the radiator cleaning device. The chemical drug is sent to the pipes with the radiator cleaning tool. With this device, the radiator and heating system are completely cleaned. However, there is a risk of perforation of pipes or radiator system in this method.

I tried to give information about why is my heat not working in my car. If you have a question about “why is my car heater not working”, you can ask it in the comments section.

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