Best İntermittent Fasting App 2023 & Updated

Best intermittent fasting app are applications that you can follow your intermittent fasting programs by installing them on your iOS and Android devices. Of course, most people are looking for free fasting apps, but I can say that most of the good apps are paid. The good news is that there are free apps that also include features like the intermittent fasting calculator. In this article, I will share the best free intermittent fasting app. I will also share the simple fasting app list where you can get quality service at low cost.

Best intermittent fasting apps

İntermitten fasting app is divided into two groups, paid and free, according to the features they offer. The applications that you can use for free are given in the “best fasting app free” list. I researched “best free weight loss apps” for you and tried to share the best ones. Below, you can find information about the best applications and features that you can use for free.


“Zero” is at the top of our best free intermittent fasting app list. You can use this completely free application by downloading it to your iOS or Android operating system phones. The features offered by this application, which you can use as the best intermittent fasting app free, are as follows;

  • It provides flexible fasting times. You can choose one of the best intermittent fasting programs or create your own intermittent fasting program if you prefer.
  • You can monitor your statistics during the fasting period and keep your own statistics by taking notes on the application.
  • The app contains informative articles, videos and podcasts about intermittent fasting. They also let you know about intermittent fasting.
  • In short, I can say that the best application in the list of best free fasting app is the ZERO application.

Click to download Zero app from Google Play store: Download Zero -Intermittent Fasting app

2- LIFE Fasting Tracker

LIFE Fasting Tracker is the second in our list of free intermittent fasting apps. You can use many features for free in this application, where you can purchase some features for a fee. The main features of the LIFE Fasting Tracker application are;

  • Fasting times are flexible. You can create your intermittent fasting time yourself through the app. By pressing +, you can set your fasting day and time yourself.
  • This app contains the most advanced tracking data. You can enter your data such as your waist circumference, weight, glucose into the application and follow it from the application.
  • Community information and data is also available in the app. You can see other users’ data, statistics and ask questions to other users in a private message in the application.
  • You can find many useful content about intermittent fasting in the application. There are many informative articles about the intermittent fasting process and things to consider.
  • You can follow all your statistics about intermittent fasting in the profile section.

This app offers you a free fasting plan. However, for some features, you need to upgrade to the premium version. You have to upgrade to the premium version by paying for features such as real-time health advisor and monitoring of blood tests.


FastHabit is the third in our simple intermittent fasting application list. You can use many features of this application for free. But you need to know that it is not a completely free application. Some of the features offered by the FastHabit intermittent fasting application are;

  • You can set your own fasting times. It offers flexible fasting times. You can stop or continue your fasting at any time.
  • You can access your past fasting statistics. The free version offers 10 days of retrospective statistics.
  • Provides notifications about your fasting. It sends some notifications like fasting start and end times, what you need to do.
  • The application offers some basic features for free. However, you can use all the premium features of the app by paying once.

4-MyFast – Intermittent Fasting Timer And Tracking

“MyFast” is the 4th in our best app for intermittent fasting list. It is a paid app but you can use some basic features for free. The main features of the MyFast application are as follows;

  • You can manually set your fasting time on a weekly or daily basis,
  • You can add flexible fasting times and edit them whenever you want,
  • It is a visually advanced application. It presents statistics of your fasting and weight loss history with engaging visuals.

Today I tried to share the best intermittant fasting app list with you. In summary, if you want me to answer the question which intermittent fasting is best for me, I would say “Zero” application. But if you can pay, other apps are also of very good quality.

Free intermittent fasting app no subscription

All the apps I share in the fasting apps free list require membership. There is no intermittent fasting application that you can download to your ios or android phone and use it without being a member.

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