Argentina Minimum Wage 2022

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Minimum Wage Argentina

Argentina minimum wage has been popular lately. In this article, I will answer the what is the minimum wage in Argentina for 2022 and the questions that are curious about Argentina. Argentina, which is not in a very good situation economically, is a country located in South America and its main livelihood is agriculture. Argentina’s economy ranks 28th among the largest economies in the world. In the continuation of the article, the answer to the question of what is minimum wage in Argentina will be given in detail.

Argentina is one of the largest countries in the world in terms of area. Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia are Argentina’s main border neighbors. The country is governed by the presidential system.

Minimum Wage Argentina 2022

Minimum wage Argentina is 36,000 Argentine pesos for 2022. Argentina minimum wage in usd is $ 255,75  As you see, The minimum wage in Argentina is lower than in developed countries.

Argentina minimum wage per hour

Argentina hourly minimum wage is also frequently researched. In Argentina, a person works an average of 192 hours per month. We mentioned above that the monthly minimum wage is 36000 Argentine pesos. The average hourly wage in Argentina for 2022 is 188 Argentine pesos.

Minimum wage in Argentina in Us dollars

Minimum wage in Argentina in U.S. dollars is 255,75 dollars. The Argentine Peso continues to depreciate against the dollar. For this reason, the dollar amount of the minimum wage applied in Argentina may differ. But we can easily say that the average minimum wage is between 250-300 dollars.

What is the average salary in Argentina in US dollars?

As we mentioned above, the monthly minimum wage in Argentina is about 255 dollars. The average monthly income of the employees varies between 250-300 dollars. While teacher salaries are around 500-600 dollars on average, doctor salaries range between 800-1000 dollars on average.

How many hours is full time in Argentina?

The weekly working time in Argentina is 48 hours. In addition, the daily working time is 8 hours. For someone who works full time, the daily working time cannot exceed 8 hours.

What is the hourly pay in Argentina?

The minimum wage in Argentina is 260 Argentine pesos per hour.

What is the capital of Argentina?

The capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires. It is also the largest city. Buenos Aires is located on the south coast of the South American continent. It is known as the Paris of the South American continent.

Where is Argentina?

Argentina is located on the continent of South America. Bordering neighbors are: Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia.

What language do they speak in Argentina?

Spanish is spoken in Argentina. Spanish, also known as the Castilian language, is accepted as the mother tongue of nearly 480 million people all over the world. It originates from the Castile region of Spain.

What is Argentina known for?

Argentina is highly developed in agriculture and animal husbandry. Especially meat and steak products are famous all over the world. There are many people who go to Argentina just to eat meat. In addition, football and tango Argentina’s prominent specialties

What is the population of Argentina?

According to current data, the population of Argentina is around 47 million. Its total area is 2,791,810.

What type of government does Argentina have?

Argentina is governed by the Presidential system. It is a secular and federal republic.

When did Argentina gain independence?

Argentina declared its independence on 9 July 1816.

Is Argentina cheap to live?

Living in Argentina is more convenient than many other countries. You can live very comfortably in Argentina with an average monthly income of 1500-2000 dollars. Rental expenses and other expenses are very low especially compared to America.

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